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Following a successful 20-year career overseeing multiple high-end productions for many of the world's leading broadcasters and entertainment platforms, Tom launched Bullitt to bring authentic and inspiring stories to worldwide audiences.


Prior to October 2020, Tom was a senior member of the award-winning creative team at Atlantic Productions, where he played a leading role in winning new business and originating and overseeing some of the company’s biggest and most high profile productions – including ‘Back to the Titanic’ for National Geographic and ‘Kilauea: Hawaii on Fire’ and 'Thai Cave Rescue' for NOVA/PBS. He also directed the haunting ‘Belsen: Our Story’ for BBC2, which received 5-star reviews and multiple award nominations.

Tom's early successes include ‘Restoration’ with Griff Rhys Jones for BBC2, ‘Man on Earth’ with Tony Robinson for Channel 4, ‘Tutankhamun: The Truth Uncovered’ with Dallas Campbell for BBC1 and ‘Masters of the Pacific Coast’ with Dr. Jago Cooper for BBC4.

Tom Stubberfield

Founder and Creative Director

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